How to Shop


Thanks for popping in! We know our site can be a bit confusing for new friends stopping by for the first time and we want to help you! First - we have two separate sites. is our our retail site. That means all available & in stock prints, panels, mugs, cups, stickers, etc. The other site is - this site is for our PreOrder fabrics & Digital Patterns.

Because we list SO MANY prints and panels with each PreOrder (and in turn the leftover retail) - we list them by rounds & by base. What is a round or a base? Great question... Let me answer that.

A "Round" is the collection of fabrics that we offer within a certain time period before we submit those orders to the printer. In a time that the round is open you can order the main prints & panels of the new collection, mixers, black & white coordinates and the custom listing. The custom listings is for any custom order or past print of ours that you would like with a 5 yard minimum. Those options are available with each "round".

Below you can see an example of listings for Minky Toppers, Cotton Lycra Panels & Vinyl Yardage all for Round PP.  All the information you need for your choice is in the title. 

Once you click the listing, go to the dropdown menu and make your selection for fabric from the menu. As you click through the menu, the photo will change to the corresponding print that goes with it. When you add the item to your cart you will see both the FABRIC NAME AND FABRIC PHOTO in your cart to verify the correct item as well as the quantity. 

A "Base" is the type of fabric you are purchasing. We offer MANY bases here at RBD. The current list is Minky, Cotton Lycra, Squish, Poly Rib Knit, Bamboo Lycra, Athletic Sport Lycra, Cotton Woven, Vinyl & French Terry. We also occasionally run Double Gauze, Swim & Board Short fabrics. Here is a great post about those fabric types

Shopping Retail:

Retail can be overwhelming and I swear we're working to change that but for now - here is how you can find what you need. They're listed the same as PreOrder explained above (by round & base), then you choose the print from the dropdown menu. We try to keep sold out items from the bar but sometimes some slip through. Im sorry about that! 

Great ways to sort Items use the search bar (top tight magnifying glass)... search by fabric base or even fabric name... like - Squish Zombies. You can also click these photos. When you click these you will only see the selected items. Retail Fabric, Mugs & Tumblers, Swag is candy, stickers & extras. 

I hope this helps! If you have ANY questions, please get in touch with us. Also, head over to our facebook group, there is always someone there to get back to you quickly. Thanks!