Retail - Together Rainbows - Cotton Lycra - 2 Max yard limit per person!

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240-260 GSM Cotton Lycra 



This little story is too powerful and I just have to share it. Weeks ago - Jess Peafrom 28th Ave {Design Factory} felt a calling to design this print... letting that calling guide her to these beautiful rainbows. I immediately fell in love with it... she did a drawing to buy and Kari PY won it for her clothing business Peco Baby (Peco Baby VIP 🔆) . Slightly devastated - I went to Kari (long time local MPLS friend) and basically said hey - if you need someone to print this... I know a girl And Ill give you a bunch free if you let me share it and run it because I need it in my life. Yes its beautiful - but something else was calling me to it in a deep way. I had to have it. Kari said lets do it... Jess said go for it - and against pretty much anything I have ever done I immediately placed an order for a bunch as retail... days later - the world came to a screeching halt. People of all colors were called together to speak loudly in support and the lifting up of Black voices. These beautiful rainbows and hearts represent that coming together so perfectly and powerfully. I messaged Jess Pea and Kari PY with goosebumps and tears in my eyes when I saw it yesterday. Just such a strange way for it all to come together... hard to imagine a situation where the universe wasn't telling us all what we needed to do. Im glad we listened.

One more thing! Peco Baby VIP 🔆 is a Minneapolis shop that I love and adore... (The amazing shop sharing the 28th Ave Collective Rainbow print with us)

Hope Tees will release this weekend and we are celebrating in a big way. $20 from every tee sold will be donated back to our community. More info will be available tonight at Peco Baby VIP 🔆 Kari PY is the only other person with rainbows in hand so if you don't want/don't score fabric you can head to her shop and grab one of these shirts!