Cotton Lycra Solids - 220gsm Extra Wide - Retail

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Extra wide solids cotton Lycra 220gsm

72  inches wide - EXTRA WIDE!

Some key takeaways.
1: I can not guarantee continuous yardage. I will do my best but it may be cuts (minimum 1 yard). **ONLY 1 YARD CUTS OF BLACK LEFT and many others as stock gets lower.
2: we swept and wiped and swept again BUT if you remember I sewed 15 minky blankets last week and well, it’s covered my office in fuzz. If you see any fuzz on your fabric - it’s minky. We have a dog but he is 100% no allowed in the office. It’s entirely off limits to pets of any kind and Axol the Axolotl - well - he has no fur. 🤷‍♀️

Did my best to photograph true colors in natural light. Color may vary from computer to real life.